Full Moon on SockPop

60% Superwash Merino, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon

  • $ 26.00

We had the most wonderful Full Moon a couple of weeks ago. Looking out one of my windows everything was lit up and had these wonderful blues, blacks and a hint of purple. It was glorious and it HAD to be made into a yarn. *Side note - the horses next door were involved in a glorious game of chase and it was so much fun watching them play in the moonlight.* 

Individually handpainted on my SockPop base here in Maine. This is fantastic for socks, shawls, hats, sweaters ... a fantastic, all around versatile base that has an awesome feel to it. SO soft and strong.

Fingering Weight. 435 yards. 60% Superwash Merino, 30% Bamboo and 10% Nylon.

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