Started in 2010 - The KiwiPop Studio is my small Indie Dyeing studio in the woods of Maine where I specialize in individually handpainted yarns and rovings. "Where Color & Fiber Collide" - My tagline says it all. I love seeing white yarn turn into something so very colorful and then seeing that yarn turned into something that someone wears? Well, that just sends my heart soaring. 

My studio is located in our home, which is great so that I can be home with our kids. My husband and I have a daughter who is in high school, our little boy is three years old, and our youngest boy arrived in June 2016. My days are filled with laughter, fiber, slinging color, family and a whole bunch of love. I'm super fortunate to be doing something I love so much each and every day.

Everyone asks me where the name for my studio came from ... Growing up my grandmother was called Kiwi and my grandfather was called Kipop. My oldest cousin nicknamed my grandparents, and although we're not sure why those names were chosen, they stuck and became super special. When I was creating my business in 2010 I wanted to pick a name that meant something to me, yet was fun, quirky and memorable. I decided to smoosh their nicknames together and The KiwiPop Studio was born. 

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting my little business. 
- Judy Thomas